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_DSC0073.jpg - large“We of the people”

The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation strives to empower the healing of our people’s lives and communities through cultural initiatives that strengthen the spiritual identity and creates a sense of belonging it is within this belief that merged the power of the  Kyana gatherings on the foreshore of the Derbarl Yerrigan during 1991-1993.


‘’May Our Campfires Burn Forver’’

This site is a dedication and never ending tribute to:

  • Those innocent souls who have been dragged into dark damp prisons.
  • For those who have had their children stolen away
  • For those who are facing the living hell of severe addiction
  • Those lost in the torment of mental illness
  • For those who suffer identity crisis of crossed bloodlines
  • For those who have been brutalised and violated at the hand of authorities.
  • And especially to those of our young and frail who at this very moment are having their innocence shattered at the hands of monsters.


‘’May Our Campfires Burn For You Forever’’

How much money in the world of artistic creative expression can be made from pain and suffering?' How many academic thesis, doctrines, and professorships can be awarded to research fellows for theorising trauma associated with genocide, racial oppression, brutality including self -injury and suicide without ever leaving the comfort of their university or political offices.

These people become arm chair human rights advocates’’

Robert Eggington ‘’ Hamburgers For Masterpieces’’ - March 2009


Following is a poster showing Dumbartung's involvement in the filming of Utopia during March 2013. Utopia was credited withing the top 3 documentarys of the year.


"Tonight is an extraordinary event. The film you are about to see -- which took me two years to make -- is being shown on Noongar land in a state that features prominently in the film. The planning of Utopia began soon after the infamous 'Intervention' in 2007 - I belived this demanded a documentary response. But the film received its greatest boost when I came to Perth early in 2010 and met Robert and Selina Eggington and saw the remarkable work of their healing centre at Dumbartung. Listening to Robert and Selina then, being guided by Robert through the Kyana gallery, I was reinforced in my belief that the uniqueness of Australia lies in the first nations of my homeland - and that justice for them ought to be the nation's highest priority. The film you are about to see is made in honour of them."

John Pilger statement prior premiere screening of Utopia at Murdoch University Perth Western Australia.


Also shown below are two photos from the Australian premiere screening at Redfern in NSW where Robert and Selina spoke to the film.

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