The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation offers numerous opportunities for both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal interest groups who are looking for a dynamic and different understanding of  the  social and political challenges that our community face today.


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The cross cultural programs that Dumbartung offer utilise a vast experience of community knowledge and history from Nyoongah people who have worked at a community level for over 30 years.


The program and lectures can be offered as a:

  • 2 hour visit
  • Half day workshop
  • full day workshop



The sessions will include the use of audio visual aids, literature handouts, photographic opportunities, hands on cultural experiences, samples of bush medicine and ochres  as well as specific topics relating to the needs of the interest groups.




Kyana Gallery Tours

  • Lectures and Cultural informative initiatives
  • Dumbartung can hire out our cultural appropriate environments for seminars and conferences which can include aspects of our services such as a tour of the Kyana gallery etc.

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This service is appropriate for Government departments and private sector groups who desire a more suitable cultural environment for their members to learn from as opposed to mainstream conference and seminar centres.


As well we can offer specific art courses (watercolour) and paper bark courses on request (8 or more people)


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The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation strives to empower the healing of our people’s lives and communities through cultural initiatives that strengthen the spiritual identity and creates a sense of belonging