Staff Profiles

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Robert Eggington 

Robert Eggington is the executive officer of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation. He is a Nyoongah man from Perth, Robert has worked in the Nyoongah community for 32 years. Prior to working at Dumbartung, Robert worked as the co-coordinator of Djurupin living arts centre in Fremantle, Western Australia. Robert’s role includes that of curator and manager,  preparing submissions and directing copyright matters. Robert also co-ordinates Dumbartung’s project initiatives and carries out cross-cultural workshops and delivers lectures’. As part of Robert’s role at Dumbartung, he has published an extensive amount of literature including audio-visual texts on cultural matters.


Robert has spoken and addressed many national and International forums and lectures the following are an example of these forums:

  • Brazil International child care forum
  • Amsterdam Holland mock court trial intellectual property rights forum
  • Belgium Cultural event
  • USA Universities lectures on the Marlo Morgan campaign
  • Murdoch university racism in a global perspective forum
  • Fremantle Maritime museum and gallery – Aboriginal incarceration forum
  • Nyoongah Native Title rally
  • Tjuma forum Old Swan Brewery site forum
  • Sydney N.S.W infant mortality forum



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Selina Eggington

Selina is a Nyoongah woman from the Wheat belt town of Narrogin in Western Australia. Selina has worked at the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation for the past seven years as the co-ordinator of the Kootamiara (“healthy”)Quab (“strong”) Women’s Healing Program. Selina has worked with many community women, empowering them to make positive choices in their lives. Selina also assists in delivering lectures to the various groups that visit Dumbartung, as well as helping to prepare submissions.


Dumbartung also employs a part-time accountant who report directly to the co-ordinator and chairperson.


Dumbartung was registered as the first Aboriginal organisation in Australia to establish an internet website.