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Over the course of its existence, there have been thousands of visitors to Dumbartung and its gallery. Many varied groups and individuals from all over the world have passed through its doors. Some of these groups include university groups, primary school students, health workers, Indigenous groups, church groups, environmental groups and women’s groups.


There have been many celebrities and well known identities who have visited Dumbartung. To mention a few: Bob Dylan, the Dalai Lama, Johnny Cash, The Prodigy, well known documentary maker Mr John Pilger and others.


The following are some excerpts from the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation visitors’ book 2002 – names remain anonymous:


“Your passionate commitment to protecting Aboriginal culture is commendable. The students were proud of your cultural treasures and the environment in which they remain protected by Dumbartung”


“You have changed my life forever. I hope to come back and learn more about this culture”.


“The power of this place and project moved me to tears. Breathtaking!”


“A very important  place of integrity and dignity for your people, a  place not influenced by greed or commercialism. I learned things about myself today that I have not been aware of for a long time thank you”.


“Men in chains they may be, but their spirits aren’t lost – evident in the pictures of their souls – their freedom”


These are just a few of the hundreds of comments left by visitors who have felt moved after visiting Dumbartung.